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The Colors of Life

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Somewhere in a land far far away right here, in a place beyond time and space, where everybody still knows angels, Mother Earth and Father Sky came together and gathered all their children.

They gathered around the table. Mother Earth offered glasses filled with all the different colors of the rainbow in the center of the table and asked her children to try and get to know all the different tastes. But some of her children only wanted yellow, others really liked red. Some were interested in most of the colors, but every single one seemed to have at least one color it did not want to try.

Mother Earth encouraged them. “Please, do drink from all of them, find out what they are like, make friends with every one of them, because all of them will be served, and you’ll meet them all again and again and again.”
Some of the children were brave, they tried this color, and that, but one or the other color simply felt too weird or scary to them, or they just didn’t like it, they didn’t dare to try it.

Mother Earth and Father Sky were holding hands, and lovingly watched over all their children, who all were perfect in their own unique way. They knew that they’d all be okay.

Finally they saw the littlest one of all the children – this little boy seemed ready to drink from every single cup, and he went for it, without any hesitation, because he was one of the very curious and brave ones, that you don’t find every day. He kept checking out the flavor of each and every color: one tasted sour, another sweet, one bitter and spicy, one light and one dark. One drink gave him a stomachache. Some colors made him cry hard, some made him laugh until he almost fell off his little chair – and the brave little boy just kept drinking up every single flavor. At times his little face turned into a grimace, and sometimes there was a big happy smile in his face, but he just kept checking out all the flavors. Eventually he had tasted every single flavor, except the very, very, very last one – and he raised his cup another time.

After allowing the very last flavor in, something about the little boy changed: It was as if a rainbow light started beaming out from the very center of his little big heart, out into the world, shining bright upon everything and everyone – Mother Earth and Father Sky beamed with joy.

The names of the colored drinks were joy, sadness, happiness, pain, anger, laughter, tears, and giggles – to become a rainbow, you have to allow them all into your heart.

May you have the courage to embrace all the colors of life, so you can share the gift of your rainbow!!

Written and illustrated by Heike Prevrhal, 2011.